Wrocław University of Technology - PhD Studies

PhD studies at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in English

    PhD  training at the  Wrocław  University of Science and  Technology (WUST) is  conducted  in 13  Graduate Schools affiliated  with Faculties  granting PhD degrees and  governed by the office  of   Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs  prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej  Dziedzic, in line with the  regulations  constituted  by WUST Senate.      

    Each Graduate School  is managed  by  the Director elected by corresponding Faculty Council and supported by doctoral faculty  committee  responsible  for  recruitment and progress evaluation of PhD  candidates.

    Recruitment  process and  graduate  courses   are  coordinated  by  council  composed of  all Graduate  School Directors and   chaired  by  prof. dr hab. inż. W. Andrzej Sokalski.

WUST Faculties  provide research facilities,  teaching staff and  PhD  thesis  supervisors.

     Every  PhD  student has individual  study program formulated  together with his/her PhD  thesis  supervisor (or both supervisors  in the case  of  conducting  interdisciplinary or international research program). 

Obligatory courses include:                                                                                                                        


60 hours  of basic science  courses                               (6 ECTS)

90 hours of  specialized courses                                   (9 ECTS)

30 hours of  humanities  of  management courses         (2 ECTS)

60 hours  of  didactics of higher education courses        (6 ECTS)

60 hours of interdisciplinary  seminars                          (4 ECTS)

90 hours  of foreign language  courses                         (6 ECTS)

The academic year in Poland consists of the winter semester (October to February), the summer semester (February to June) and the periods during which no courses are held: Christmas, winter break (February), Easter and summer holidays. Each semester comprises  15 weeks of instruction, followed by an examination period. PhD  studies  last 4 years (with possible extension up to 2  years)

Starting from  Autumn  2017  Faculty of  Chemistry,  Faculty of Computer Science and Management  and  Faculty of  Fundamental Problems  in Technology will provide PhD programs  in English. 

     To apply for admission You  must hold  a  degree equivalent  or  comparable to Polish  Master of Science   degree.  Recruitment  process takes place  in May-June and September  each year.

Application procedure

The decision on admission to PhD studies is made by the faculty’s doctoral studies committee. 

The following documents and information is required as part of your application:

Please send all the necessary documents to Maria Wąsowicz-Kruk from the Office for Educational Affairs: maria.wasowicz-kruk@pwr.edu.pl

To define the scope of the research please contact the Directors of Graduate Schools at the desired faculties providing PhD program in English language first:

Faculty of Chemistry: prof. Jarosław Myśliwiec

(e-mail: Jaroslaw.Mysliwiec@pwr.edu.pl, tel: +48-71- 320-3197)

The list of supervisors at the Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty  of Electronics:  Prof. Krzysztof Walkowiak

(e-mail: Krzysztof.Walkowiak@pwr.edu.pl,   tel: +48-71-320-3539)

The list of supervisors at the Faculty of Electronics

Faculty of Computer Science and Management: Prof. Halina Kwaśnicka

(e-mail: Halina.Kwasnicka@pwr.edu.pl, tel. +48-71-320-3534)

Faculty of  Fundamental  Problems  in Technology:  Prof. Małgorzata Kotulska

(e-mail: Malgorzata.Kotulska@pwr.edu.pl,   tel. +48-71-320-3974)

 The  list of courses offered by  Faculty  of Fundamental Problems in Technology

Contact data of remaining Directors of doctoral studies providing PhD programs in Polish language is available at website: http://doktoranci.pwr.edu.pl/konsultanci.php

The complete list of supervisors and their research profiles is available at website:

http://doktoranci.pwr.wroc.pl/promotorzy.php (partly in Polish and English language)

Tuition fees

Students with EU/EFTA nationality applying for program in Polish language:

Students with non-EU/EFTA nationality:


May 31-st  for the first intake, September 1-st for the second  intake.

Contact person

For additional information please contact Ms. Maria Wąsowicz-Kruk from the Office for Educational Affairs:

tel. +48-71-320-3873
wyb. Wyspianskiego 27
50-370 Wrocław, Poland
room 153, A-1 Building